When to re-platform from Magento M1 to Magento M2

The Magento M2 platform is both faster and also the most current version of Magento. Whilst Magento have announced that they will not be ceasing support for Magento M1 in the foreseeable future most of the innovative extensions and services are only being built for M2.
At Fishead we feel that upgrading to Magento M2 is a move worth making and positions our customers eCommerce presence well for the future.


Magento re-platform experience

Fishead are experienced in re-platforming Magento M1 web sites to the new Magento M2 community or enterprise versions. Upgrading or re-platforming your Magento M1 webstore can be a confusing and danger fraught process. We can help you make the right decisions to ensure that you minimise expense and maximise the outcome.


Upgrade or rebuild your Magento E-Commerce webstore

There are a few key decisions you make when looking to upgrade your Magento E-Commerce platform from M1 to M2. Most Magento webstores utilise a large amount of extensions to achieve the functionality that specific Magento website requires. When re-platforming a decision needs to be made on both the look and feel and the functionality of your Magento E-Commerce webstore. In some instances starting from scratch and creating a completely new site with new customisations make more sense. In most cases upgrading the Magento instance and the Magento M1 extensions you currently have in place will be more cost effective and lead to a better business continuity outcome. Fishead can help you make these critical upgrade or rebuild decisions for your Magento E-Commerce store..


Upgrade to Magento Community or Enterprise

The truth is that most businesses don’t need to upgrade to Magento enterprise or Magento Commerce cloud. It is expensive and the gains that a business gets from making this jump will not be realised until the Magento E-Commerce webstore is managing high traffic and sales volumes. When the need is there the Magento M2 Enterprise or Magento Commerce cloud solutions are industry best and allow for the development of a robust E-Commerce platform that can be tailored to deliver both a rich E-Commerce and integrated social and brand experience for the end user.


Where to host your upgraded Magento M2 website

This is a big decision and needs to be well thought through. The cost of moving to Magento Commerce cloud or another pre configured Magento stack delivered on AWS or one of the other cloud service providers can seem attractive in terms of pricing. These services generally offer an ‘elastic’ scalability and this in conjunction with the Magento session based processor load can mean that you end up paying a large amount for high traffic times on your site. until your site sees high traffic that is. Quite often the best value for money solution is still to own your own hardware and pay for data centre space. Fishead can help to guide you through these critical decisions for hosting of your Enterprise or



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