Shopify and small business

If you run a small business and you want to keep it simple go Shopify.

Shopify is the go to E-Commerce platform for smaller business with simpler integration and customization requirements. With that in mind Fishead have hitched our wagon to Shopify.
Let us help you to set up or develop your next Shopify web store.


Custom Shopify sites from head to toe

We push Shopify to its limit to achieve unique features and functions our client’s sites require.

Shopify sites can be original if you commit the time and a little money to make that happen. At Fishead we are all about bespoke and are always keen on creating unique and effective E-Commerce solutions for our clients that always starts with a great user interface and functionality that is tailor made.
If you want to stand out from the crowd touch base to us we would love to help you build the original site your business needs.


Building a Shopify site that stands out

Standing out from the crowd and delivering your brand experience is easy with a custom design.

One of the main issues with Shopify is that if you implement a standard theme you will find that your site looks like a heap of others. This is not great for reinforcing brand identity and developing a point of difference. This is where a smart use of injected graphics and some small modifications to the Shopify theme can really help your site have its own personality. Fishead can help you with this without breaking the bank.


Shopify integration

If you dream of running your online business from the beach you need to integrate.

A modern web store needs to work with other platforms to offer the customer a great experience and allow the business to grow easily. Fishead are developing a suite of services that integrate seamlessly into Shopify.


Shopify app development

Our team of developers love the challenge of a custom app.

You name we can build it. The Shopify API’s allow for the development of a wide range of apps. These apps can power better customer experience, business operations and web user experience enhancements. We love to make our customers lives easy and their web site users experiences rich.


We are Shopify partners

We love Shopify that is why we partnered up with them.

Fishead are Shopify partners we think that Shopify is the go to platform for small businesses to build their online empires with. As Shopify partners we have committed to the platform.



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