Cloud based SAAS middleware platform


Api Integration

Fishead offers a two pronged approach to our system integration design. Utilising our team of high performance programmers we:

  • Implement a solution using Starfish our plug and play SAAS middleware integration platform
  • Build bespoke solutions and API integrations tailor made for you

Go scalable with Fishead.

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In the world of big data you need a central point of authority to ensure your information is accurate, accessible and meaningful. Pontoon ML is designed and developed to be an agile plug-and-play interface between the various layers of software modern brands use to do business.

Acting as a centralized data store Pontoon ML can provide offline capability for your E-Commerce platform. It can be leveraged as (a) system for centralized data management. Once you leverage Pontoon ML you can ensure that all software layers are operating with current and accurate data.

Fishead Pontoon Middle Layer


Pontoon ML excels at high fidelity data translation across multiple software layers. Ensure accurate at timely data reconciliation between your back and front-end systems, including tight integration with third party vendors and partners. All with one agile middle layer.

Fishead Data Translation

Pontoon ML
meets ERP

Integration extraordinary

Integrate your entire manufacture, sales, inventory and marketing funnel with Pontoon ML. Tie inventory management from your E-Commerce platform to your ERP. Implement drag and drop shopping with your CRM database, all while ensuring data remains accurate across your entire E-Commerce backbone. Pontoon ML can also help you business manage multiple E-Commerce shop fronts from a single ERP.


Solve CRM woes
with rationalised

Accuracy at the speed of sale.

Pontoon ML's data rationalisation delivers high fidelity customer records for your CRM.
Ensure customer behaviour and preferences are captured at the relevant touch points to make meaningful business decisions, and promote better collaboration across marketing and social with database synchronisation powered by Fishead.

Fishead Solve CRM woes with rationalised data

Fishead Solve CRM woes with rationalised data

reporting and data

Single source data integration.

Unlock the power of data reporting and analytics with Pontoon ML's integrated data aggregations. Pontoon ML is custom designed to leverage third party logistics and software layers as a single source data repository and authority. No more hunting around in separate modules for the right data, it’s all at your fingertips with one handy, expertly designed interface.



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