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Fishead specialise in developing intelligent and lean Magento M1 and M2 extensions that take our clients sites functionalities and integrations to a whole new level. We strive to develop for maximum efficiency and also ease of use in all the Magento extension work we undertake. Our experience in developing or re-working existing extensions allows us to achieve outcomes that other development houses struggle to complete with.


The art of design

We don’t just charge in to developing functionality without carefully thinking about the best solution. Our job is to do the clients thinking for them and ensure the Magento extensions we develop position our clients for where they are headed not just where they are now. This makes our job job much more challenging but also allows us to do what we love. Create artfully designed and developed solutions.


There's power in those API's

The larger Magento extensions our developers produce tend to be deep integrations with third party systems. Reviewing the complete capability of an API including understanding what it can’t do is critical to developing powerful integrations or larger third party driven features we develop.


The Fishead Magento Apparel 21 integration

We have developed some mega extensions the largest is over 800,000 lines of code. It is a complete additional system that integrates Magento M1 and Apparel 21 (AP21). This extension has its own middle layer built in. It completely integrates Apparel 21 with Magento everything this from customers to products, stock levels, sales and shipping. This is a comprehensive integration bundled as an extension. After developing this there is no Magento extension development that seems to large for Fishead


Extending the Magento admin tools

Some Magento extensions are simple yet very power internal Magento M2 or M1 functionality enhancements. These can often be simple little tools or additional sorting features that don’t seem like much. That is until you realise how much time they save and how easy they make managing the Magento webstore.


Customising purchased extensions

We always look at the most efficient way to achieve the end result that our clients sites require. More often than not this involves purchasing an extension and modifying it so that it exactly matches the required functionality. Our team of Magento developers have a comprehensive knowledge of appraising, purchasing and re-writing Magento M1 and M2 extensions.



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