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The future moves fast. Businesses are moving to the cloud, mobile is replacing desktop, teams are spread across timelines and meeting deadlines in hours and days rather than weeks and months.

Technology is changing, and you need someone who can help you change with it.

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IT Consulting

At Fishead Communications our approach to IT is to look for solutions that are scalable and effective within your budget. We rarely do 'off the shelf' style deployments. Instead, the Fishead team will talk to you about your needs:

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you going?
  • How can we get you there better?

It doesn't matter if we are your contracted IT support or ad-hoc IT suppliers we will find and tailor the right solution for your business. We create applications, use the cloud or guide you through more powerful ways to use the software and platforms you have in place. We are translators of technology that empower our customers through IT.

We're a team of IT professionals from a variety- of backgrounds.
Programming, development, marketing, photography, fashion and the arts. We run our business like you run yours. Smart, lean and to budget.

Stevan.M as Producer


IT Support

Stevan grew up from an early age to appreciate computers.He then developed a strong passion for video games and building custom PC...

Stevan grew up from an early age to appreciate computers. Born to a software engineer, Stevan began early on to tinker and toy with computers. He then developed a strong passion for video games and building custom PC systems. Stevan is currently in his final year of university doing a Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology looking to specialize in computer network design and development.

Stevan now works as an Junior IT consultant for the Fishead team. His skills include system builds, hardware analysis, computer networking and administration and has computer programming and web development knowledge. He hopes to one day lead in a large scale computer network rollout/design. In his spare time Stevan is brushing up on his knowledge of computer programming hoping to one day create a video game

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Rubaiyat.R as Network & System admin


Network & System admin

Working in IT industry from 2009 with primary focus on network infrastructure. I have previously worked for service provider and system...

Working in IT industry from 2009 with primary focus on network infrastructure. I have previously worked for service provider and system integrator companies and was involved in IT infrastructure projects with govt. and private organizations; Fortunate to have project exposure in varied businesses such as technology, education, print & electronic media, financial organizations are few to be named. In multiple occasions I was involved in design, analysis and implementation of network systems from scratch or integration to the existing setup.

I possess expert level knowledge on routing & switching (LAN-WAN), controller based wireless systems and network monitoring systems (both Linux based and standalone). Alongside my core expertise, I enjoy working on Windows Active Directory environment, VMware Virtualization and Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA). With ever expanding focus on data security at present, I am looking forward to enhance my skills on Next Generation Firewall systems and VoIP Technologies where I always wanted to have a confident understanding.

I love the challenge of complex network problems and troubleshoot it based on hypothesis generated upon systematic observation.

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Richard.H as IT Support


IT Support

I have a passion for hardware and software related problem solving solutions, having spent many years working with various types...

I have a passion for computing, having spent many years gaining experience with various types of hardware and software platforms, my goal is always to solve the difficult issues.

I have experience with the following:

  • PC/Mobile Optimization and Troubleshooting (Hardware and software Analysis)
  • Virus/Malware Infection removal
  • Operating systems experience: Microsoft windows XP/7/8.1/10, Linux distributions
  • Software: Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office Suite
  • WordPress and theme customization

I also have experience working with various web solution, setting up MySQL databases, PHP web forms, CSS3, HTML5. Cert IV Website Design and Currently studying Diploma Website Development.

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Ned.S as IT Support Technician


IT Support Technician

I am currently a student at the University of Technology Sydney, in my penultimate year of a double degree...

I am currently a student at the University of Technology Sydney, in my penultimate year of a double degree in Information Technology (Internet working and Application) and Business (Management) as an undergraduate, where I hope to continue my studies in some shape in the future focusing on Information Technology. I am focusing my career on Network security and Cloud Computing, which I believe to be largest business now and in the future.

My first interest in IT started from learning how to disassemble and make custom PC’s for himself and friends since early high school which has been a hobby of his for almost a decade which has evolved into various areas such as AWS, coding languages such as JAVA, Python and SQL.

When I am not glued to the computer screen, I enjoy playing basketball, where the team I follow is the San Antonio Spurs and to keep myself busy, I have started to teach myself Bass guitar as well as learning Japanese.

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Andrew.F as Managing director


Managing director

Andrew initially trained as a photographer specializing in Fashion and advertising. He has shot for...

Andrew initially trained as a photographer specializing in Fashion and advertising.

He has shot for Vogue, Dolly, Girlfriend, Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazzar. As well as Qantas, Commonwealth bank, NAB, AMEX, AMP and many other large corporations.

Taking this unique background Andrew created Fishead. Fishead was initially a print design and production agency for small and medium sized business.
Having developed skills in coding and also developing IT infrastructure for Fishead.
Many of the Fishead clients requested help with developing their web sites and maintaining their corporate compute environment.
Thus the birth of Fishead as we see it today.

Andrews unique set of skills allows him and the team he has trained to think outside the box when it comes to creating solutions for your customers needs.

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Andreas.S as IT project manager


IT project manager

Graduating with a Master of Science degree in 2012, I have since worked in the IT industry in both Germany...

Graduating with a Master of Science degree in 2012, I have since worked in the IT industry in both Germany and Australia, becoming a specialist in planning, implementing and maintaining various IT infrastructures.

I started my career as an IT Administrator and 2nd/3rd Level Supporter in the field of Enterprise Mobile Device Management, implementing BlackBerry and Airwatch infrastructure solutions with focus on IT Security.

Since I started working for Fishead in 2015, I am managing IT projects for many different customers across industries. The variety of projects offered me the possibility to be able to ambitiously resolve any IT issue and become an expert in the following fields:

  • Windows domain networks (Active Directory, GPO)
  • Virtualization with ESXi (vSphere)
  • Configuration UTMs/Routers/Firewalls (SOPHOS, Cisco)
  • Backup/Recovery (Backup Exec, AOMEI Backupper)
  • Cloud email (Office 365, G Suite)
  • Network Attached Storage (Synology, QNAP)
  • VPN (IPSec, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP)
  • Business Wireless Networks (RADIUS, Certificate Authentication)

As I am enthusiastically extending my knowledge of AWS, I am looking forward to also participate in future web projects.

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You'll appreciate the way the Fishead approach is different to your standard IT consult.
We'll get to know your business first, then look for ways we can create efficiencies using technology. We understand how a company can be improved using smart software, and we’re here to help create custom solutions for your unique problems.

Most important of all, we are communicators. So if your ideal IT strategy is one that is not only effective but can be understood without the acronyms, maybe it’s time to get ahead with Fishead.

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Cloud &

To migrate or not to migrate

Everyone's talking about the cloud, but is it actually right for you? The short answer is… Probably. Cloud infrastructure is a cost effective solution for data access and security, but understanding how to integrate it into your business effectively can be an expensive exercise.

At Fishead we provide a cost benefit analysis to determine if cloud infrastructure is suitable for you. We’re not cloud evangelists either, we think local infrastructure is important to many businesses, and with expertise in both local and cloud, we’re perfectly positioned to setup your network and support it with hosting and management.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Cost Benefit Analysis

Whether your customers prefer Macs, Windows, iPhone or Android, Fishead designs scale elegantly across every device, responding to changing technology and the needs of your customer. From the smallest to the largest screen, we’ll make sure you’re highly visible.

Setup and migration

At Fishead we like to keep our eyes on the road ahead. Our technology and design is future proofed, built with flexibility and the quality of an expert craftsman. We want you to grow, and we want to grow with you.

Hosting & Management

What good's a great looking website if no one can find it? Fishead designs know content is king. We put your products and services front and centre, with search friendly collateral and shareable content.


I.T. Services

We can help you make smart choices

Fishead excels at providing scalable onsite and remote support to businesses.
With managed I.T. we take the hassle out of finding, hiring and funding in-house IT teams by bringing the experience and expertise to you.

On-site support

Permanent staffing

Get your own IT team trained and vetted by the experts at Fishead.

Visits on demand

Got an I.T. itch that needs scratching? You don't need full time support but you can book a site visit whenever you need it.

Who are you?

Phone support

Over the phone and remote access assistance for all your technology questions.

Email support

Log tickets after hours or initiate new projects or low priority actions.

Microsoft Environment

User Account Control / Active Directory.

Managing resource access, staff onboarding and security through Active Directory

Email / Exchange Management

Setup and management of mailboxes, group accounts and mailbox size.

Microsoft Server

Deployment and management of file and exchange servers and virtual hosting.


Scalable architecture

Host your own server and infrastructure or move it to the cloud. We can manage your data and scale it with you.

Visits on demand

Let us find the best solution for managing your IT needs.

VMware & Hyper-V Virtualisation

For distributed or remote teams, get virtual desktop access from anywhere in the world with real security.

Linux Environment


Host your own environment with a cost effective Linux server and / or workstation setup.

Apple Environment

User support

Get expert support from other creatives on MacOS and iOS.

Hardware Provisioning

Know which Mac is right for you, and when’s the right time to buy.


Custom builds & repairs

From scope to build, software installation and deployment, Fishead can manage your hardware fleet across the entire lifecycle.

Reimaging and troubleshooting

We'll diagnose hardware faults and provide a clear explanation of how we can fix them.

Deployments and asset audits

Need to rollout new hardware across an entire office? Fishead can help.


Database development

Custom solutions integrated directly into your business. Get structured data collection and smooth running systems free of errors and downtime.

Custom installs & configuration

Add-ons, special configurations. Fishead can tweak applications to better work for you.

Licensing and audit management

Not sure if your licensing is up to date? Fishead can audit your software library and provide assurance from litigation by managing your licensing for you.



Act before you are hit, not after

Here's a little-known fact about business and IT security. Many I.T. security breaches come from within the organisation, be it disgruntled former employees who haven't had their access terminated, to poor password policy, user access management and file access.

At Fishead we take cybersecurity seriously. We'll evaluate the risk and exposure of your current setup and develop ways to limit the chance of future breaches. That includes:

  • Network firewalls
  • Cloud infrastructure security
  • Vetting of providers
  • Process and systems consultation
  • Antivirus
  • Staff training on best practice password and security management
  • VPN architecture and use

We pride ourselves on being great communicators. When it comes to security, we won’t leave you in the dark.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Platforms & Partners

We work with some great platforms and partners here are a few of our favourites:



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