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The Advantages of a Drag and Drop Shopping Cart



Built on Magento 1.x and JavaScript, Fishead has developed industry leading drag and drop shopping cart solutions that work seamlessly across desktop and mobile platforms. The result is a richer user experience where both the products in the web store and other image resources on the site became usable objects.

Remove stodgy spreadsheet aesthetics from the shopping cart and conjuring a more dynamic and connected shopping experience for your customers with drag and drop.

Fishead Drag and Drop

Automatic Inventory Retrieval

When developing dropshipping for any E-Commerce store, we look at an integrated approach for single platform connectivity with both the ERP and stock levels at retail, point of sale and warehouse.

Our shop and drop solutions not only look great for your shoppers, but feed directly into your inventory, displaying real time stock levels in items and sizing.

You want their journey to be as smooth and streamlined as possible. There's nothing more disappointing to customer then finding out post-sale that the items are already out of stock.

Store clerks can manage inventory to both in store sales and take on the role of shipping agents during downtime.


Drag and Drop
Style Boards

Designing shareable fashion lookbooks and itemised scrapbooks that friends can adopt, share and remix turns the online shopping experience into a social capital for your brand.

The question "What do you think about my outfit" has never been more relevant.

Key to our client's needs is to turn shopping into a social experience, and lookbooks into a creative process. Working to the clients needs we developed their concept into an area that their customers could create collections of products and images from the website that they are interested in.


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