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NAS solution for small healthcare business



Small businesses present their own unique challenges when it comes to creating cost effective and future proofed networks.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) can provide personal cloud infrastructure to a small business at the fraction of the cost of a full service setup. In this case study, we look at how Fishead provided a complete NAS solution to a SMB in the Healthcare industry, and how this distributed team of professionals benefit daily from their lean, personal cloud.

Fishead NAS solution Overview

Cost Effective Solutions

Our client, a team of distributed speech pathologists,
required a centralised file sharing service with backup capabilities and sensitive data security.

A small team means working to a tight budget. Staff use their own personal computing
devices while travelling or in the office. They also employ a full time office admin for managing the day to day affairs of the office.

While cloud computing provides many benefits for organisations that can scale rapidly,
our client's business technology needs were unlikely to change over time. These included:

  • Network firewalls
  • Cloud infrastructure security
  • Vetting of providers

With a bit of creative thinking, a simple Network Attached Storage is able to work with the network backbone and existing technology to facilitate these needs. The use of a NAS meant less ongoing costs compared to a cloud service. With the hard drives configured in a RAID array, built in redundancy ensured protection against hardware fault.

Fishead Cost Effective Solutions

Licence to operate

Windows might be the gold standard in enterprise server architecture, but SMBs operating on a tight budget can save money by utilising Linux server software as an alternative, particularly where their needs are easy to define in the long term.

When we consulted with the client, it became clear that for their needs it was entirely possible to bypass the traditional Windows Server setup.

For a small team of practitioners who travel frequently and use their own personal computing devices the key to a successful project was their ability the share, access and archive file data from anywhere.

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Which is the NAS for You?

When it comes to commercial NAS setups QNAP and Synology are the two main players in the game. Both offer a cost effective solution for small business cloud computing.

The truth is when it comes to QNAP and Synology, there isn't much to separate them. Both offer advanced features like:

  • File server
  • Personal cloud for remote access
  • Mail server hosting
  • Music and video streaming
  • Surveillance monitoring and recording
  • Automated download and backup

Both manufactures have entry level units right through to high end models with capacity for up to 12 or more hard drives, providing scale and security to your business.


Your Business Backbone

A custom NAS setup is only as good as the network backbone it runs on. Fishead’s custom rollouts include a detailed cost benefit analysis on the level bandwidth needed to provide smooth network interactions and low congestion.

Connecting the disparate components of your Local Area Network require a functioning pipeline both on premise and out into the world.

Understanding the role of your network backbone in the overall performance of your network is highly technical stuff. Talk to Fishead about your on-site storage and network needs and get a thorough Cost Benefit Analysis for your business, regardless of size.

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The time is NAS

If you run a small business and want to implement a cost effective NAS into your technology stack, it might be time to talk to the experts at Fishead about our track record in implementing NAS solutions for SMBs.



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