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Going Angular

When deciding how we wanted to build the new Fishead website we knew there were a few things we wanted to showcase.

We wanted it to be modern, clean, easy to navigate, but also unique. Too often in the world of web design industry trends have focused on cookie cutter templates. We wanted the Fishead website to communicate what we are and the type of service we provide. Original, unique, handcrafted.

Angular 5 JS is a JavaScript Library that allows for the slick delivery of information without a page load. The Angular 5 platform provides the ability to create sites that act more like sophisticated apps. Fishead are currently developing an Angular 5 Magento 2 E-Commerce site for one of our clients.


The Big Picture

Our background in imaging influences the Fishead approach to IT and web. We're big picture thinkers with an eye for detail, able to look at problems from a distance, then zoom in x10.

When scoping the redesign for the Fishead webpage we wanted to provide that same granularity in detail. Rather than just gloss over the highlights, we deep dive into what we do and how we do it.

The digital is a landscape that is constantly changing. We're always learning and adapting. We don't think we're giving anything away when we showcase how we do things. That's all part and parcel of being in Team Fishead.


Unique. Handcrafted.

Our hands on, bespoke approach to digital solutions needed to show through in the design of the Fishead page. It has to be more than just a technical marvel, we want it to show the human side of the team as well. That's why we use hand drawn sketches for some of imagery. All the site development happens in house with the same programmers, creatives and team leads that run projects for our clients. We’re both humbled and proud of what we have created, and strive to bring that same creativity and development precision to our clients.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website, and if you're ready to take the plunge with your own website, or need help with your IT infrastructure, why not get in touch.

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