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AngularJS and Magento 2.X development


What is AngularJS?

Angular 5 JS is a Javascript library for creating Dynamic web pages and applications. It uses HTML as a template but leverages data binding and dependency to make it leaner to code and deploy, and is frequently used in single page sites. The Fishead website is built on AngularJS.


What is Magento?

Built on open source technology, Magento is a robust E-Commerce platform that offers a raft of advanced features like catalog management, SEO, CMS and marketing integration. Magento can be quite cumbersome in it’s vanilla setting, but it’s open source nature makes it easy to take apart and stitch back together. Magento comes in two editions

Magento Community Edition

The free edition of Magento is great if:

  • You want open source
  • You can't afford the enterprise fees
  • You’re comfortable customising the core
  • You’re looking to contract a team from the

Magento Enterprise Edition

The paid version of Magento can costs upwards of $20, 000 a year. It is a good choice if:

  • Your site is going to be a very high traffic site
  • You are going to require the many features that come out of the box with Enterprise edition
  • You would feel more comfortable with support from the Magento team
  • You're prepared to pay substantial yearly fees

Magento Community does
the job for most businesses


with ERP

While Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform, it is only part of the sales channels of most retail businesses. The real power comes from integrating your web sales platform into your ERP. Overall Enterprise Resource Plan for most businesses. Even if you launch with Magento Enterprise, you’ll still need to look at third party plugins or custom development to integrate your workflows with ERP, CRM, accounting and other organisational components.

Many businesses make the mistake of going enterprise too quickly. While Magento is powerful out of the box it is also hefty and can be unwieldy to customize for inexperienced developers.


Managing Magento

Magento is highly customisable, bringing a wealth of extensions, APIs and mobile friendly configurations to its core platform. With all this customisation comes issues of fragmentation and technical debt.

Technical debt is when shortcuts in development cycles are taken to deliver immediate results without forward thinking. As changes and new developments pile up, the cost of going back and fixing earlier shortcuts creates a number of problems, slows development and raises costs.

Tech debt is sometimes called code debt and is especially prevalent when organisations have jumped into Magento development without consulting a professional E-Commerce development team. An over reliance on freelancers and contractors can lead to a bloated software library that is slow to run and even slower to change.


Powered by AngularJS

Before launching into your E-Commerce adventure it's best to have a strategic plan in place to connect the dots. Using AngularJS, Fishead has successfully implemented advanced E-Commerce platforms for industry leading clients. If you’re ready to bring the best online shopping experience to your customers now talk to a team of professional. Contact Fishead and find out how we can bring your digital retail experience to life.



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