Creating a smart ecommerce business (that doesn't need and army to run it)


API Integration is the key

Any business serious about their online presence also needs to be serious about the integration they implement for their ecommerce site.

Integration when engineered properly will drive efficiency into any online business. Integration and automated backend systems are the key to reduce running costs, mainly through staffing levels. Smart information management and integrations systems will also inevitably lead to higher customer satisfaction due to the increased speed and accuracy of processing orders and delivering seamless customer experience.


Fast and efficient delivery

To deliver a modern ecommerce experience to the customers, features such as ship from store, same day shipping and click and collect are all essential features any online business with bricks and mortar retail outlets

None of these features are able to be developed without a sophisticated integration layer. We believe that, for every websites that processes large volumes of sales, the key to efficiently managing these sales whilst maintaining an affordable staffing level is the automation architecture that a business develops to integrate into ERP (back-office services), shipping providers, and CRM (customer relationship management platforms).

When developed properly a sophisticated suite of integrations can allow a small business to punch above its weight in ecommerce land.


The art of systems integration

Developing integration architecture that is clunky, inefficient, and not intuitive in the way that it handles data can actually create more problems and can lead to higher staffing level than not implementing any integrations and processing orders and shipping manually.

The team at Fishead believe that our clients should select their ecommerce platform based on the ability to develop or plug in existing integration layers that will allow them to achieve everything that we’ve discussed in this article so far.

Some of the ecommerce platforms we have experienced in developing advanced integration are: Magento, Shopify and Bigcommerce.Contact us if you need help to take the weight of growing your online store of your shoulders



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